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Actual Users


I look 5-10 years younger!

I don’t have to wear as much makeup as I used to. My skin has a natural glow and radiance that it didn’t have before. I feel like I look 5-10 years younger!

~Alix, 46

More even skin tone

After just 4 weeks of using Root of Skin, I already notice a more even skin tone.

~Michelle, 44

Fantastic Results!

I am seeing some really fantastic results. I had very, very dark deep grooves on my forehead, around my eyes, on my upper lip, smile lines, also on my neck before I started using the Root of Skin serum, and now they are really diminished!. My pore size is much smaller and finer. My overall texture of my skin looks much better… my skin actually looks and feels thicker, and more elastic… my skin texture looks more refined. The lines over my mouth and around my eyes started to really look softer… I am noticing some things I have never noticed with products before, mainly skin elasticity.

~Dana, 62

My skin is more taut

My skin is more taut. My skin shouldn’t look this good, but it does.

~Andrea, 59

I Am Glowing!

It is soft, [my skin is] smooth, I am glowing - I feel so fresh and so clean. The product feels so good, feels so smooth… It is great for my skin. It feels hydrated, moisturized, and light.

~Ashley, 34

No Greasy Feeling!

I love how soft and moisturized my skin feels, without any heavy greasy feeling.

~Diana, 51

Definitely Recommend!

I would definitely, definitely recommend this to other women because, you know what, we are beautiful.

~Gina, 39

My Fine Lines Have Been Reduced!

I am noticing that the fine lines I had when I would smile have been reduced.

~Mary, 61

It felt great to see the changes

It felt great to see the changes and it just confirmed for me what I was feeling on my face was showing up in the results.

~Anath, 70

The results have been unbelievable

Root of Skin MD has changed the major concerns I had when it came to my face. The results have been unbelievable.

~Sara, 47

Definitely Recommend!

I have noticed a difference. It has made my face very vibrant, and my skin tone and coloration is very even… I would definitely recommend this to other women.

~April, 47

Reduced My Fine lines and Wrinkles and Sun Spots are Lighter.

My fine lines and wrinkles have been reduced. My sunspots are much lighter, I am excited to see how my lines can be reduced even more.

~Hanna, 54

More Even Skin Tone and Less Fine Lines!

I notice brighter, tighter, just lighter and more even skin tone and a decrease in fine lines and deep lines.

~Michele, 45


What happened with this amazing product, Root of Skin MD, I wanted to say that it gave me everything that my skin was lacking. It’s so, so amazing because it’s everything in one.

~Rosa, 50